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Friday, June 5, 2009


Friday feels sooooooo good, and it's especially sweet after my week of Bad Funkiness. I won't claim that the Bad Funk has dissipated, but at least my spirits are a couple notches higher than they've been recently.

The appearance of the sun helped a lot... I was surprised to see it this morning, and was even more [pleasantly] surprised that it stuck around as long as it did today... the work lunch barbecue at work was a go and boy was I happy that I got to eat lunch outside.

Other little nuggets of goodness that are helping lighten my mood:

* LOTS of social time this weekend, starting with [another!] barbecue this evening, and then I'll head downtown for this month's First Friday Gallery Walk. Besides getting to walk around and enjoy the galleries in Old Town FoCo, the Imagination Fair is also taking place. I must say, for a small city, FoCo has some awesome arts and cultural events. Tomorrow I'll go watch my swing crew perform at our Pride in the Park festival (ranked #5 in the country for small-town Pride events by - woot, woot, FoCo!). Then to a friend's graduation party, and then to another friend's cocktail party. I can't freakin' wait.

* Between all my social play time tomorrow, I get to get my hair cut, f-i-n-a-l-l-y! I'm a couple months overdue, and since my hair doesn't want to do anything beyond a ponytail anymore, I'm not feeling the prettiest these days. My cute bangs shall soon return!

* I plan to bike to most of the above activities, defiantly armed with my rain jacket. Suck on it, gloomy weather!! Let me add that I HEART my bike, and I'm trying to save money by driving less, if possible, now that it's summer and the weather is [supposed to be] nice.

* Hip hop hooray on Sunday! Even though every Sunday night I get my butt absolutely whooped by the hip hop teacher, I LOVE Sundays. I'm getting stronger, my arms are nice and defined, and those two-and-half-hours of intensity are pure CHURCH for me. I leave excited for life and being a dancer.

That's all for now... Time to get my barbecue on.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. your blog is hilarious and i love it. found you through 'love maegan'.

    have a great weekend!

  2. I'm trying to enjoy my Friday even though I have a Saturday final haha. I went to a couple study sessions today, so I feel entitled to going out tonight! I'm not going out partying, I did that last night, but I'm excited you'll be doing it for both of us!

    And oh LORD I need a haircut!! I used to have waist length hair, but I chopped it off for Locks of Love, and my hair is in this really weird bob-grown-out-past-shoulders stage. Gross!

    Have fun with your bike! If you lived in Davis the way I did, you'd be tired of them, for sure! Being surrounded by them 24/7 and depending on them as methods of transportation kind of sucks the fun out of it.

    Shawna's Study Abroad

  3. Your answer is up in the latest installment of Ask Jules - come see why I did and don't live in Colorado.... bring your friends and play along!