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Friday, June 26, 2009

SYTYCD Top 16 Review - FINALLY!!

The review you've all been waiting for!

Just kidding... I'm sure no one has been sitting at their computer hitting "refresh" on my blog, hoping that I've posted my review. But a girl can entertain such fantasies, right?!

I'm sorry it took me so long... Work got hectic yesterday as I scrambled to tie things up since it was my last day before my Chicago adventure. Today has been full of cleaning, errands, more list-making, laundry, etc. Laundry is still in the works, but there's a glimmer of hope that I'll be done with laundry tonight!! If I can pull that off, the stress-o-meter will be in the lower ranges tomorrow. Here's to hoping.

As usual, I digress! On to the review of this week's SYTYCD shows...

Karla and Jonathan started the night off with a hip hop routine choreographed by Dave Scott. OMG!!! When the judges said "Dave Scott", I shrieked with excitement. Yes, I literally did. I really like Dave Scott, so I was excited to see what K & J would do with his choreo. They did okay, but not hot. *Sigh* Another lukewarm hip hop routine, which made me sad. Karla did better than Jonathan, I thought, but it wasn't fabulous. Nigel called it a "Sunday School picnic outing". Ouch. Toni Basil was the night's guest judge, and she has a long history in hip hop, from it's beginnings (she learned from the founder of Locking, Don "Cambellock" Campbell). Toni's two cents was that hip hop should have funk and hard hits. Amen!! But K & J did not.

Asuka and Vitolio danced a jazz routine that was just okay. Parts seemed slow to me, like they were hesitating or unsure of themselves. Not good onstage, y'all. I wasn't in love with it, and neither was Mary, but Nigel thought it was great. I don't know, I'm losing the love for Vitolio a little bit. He's talented, yes, he's hot, fo' sho', but his stage presence is feeling forced... really, he just needs to let himself go up there and just dance. His facial expressions will follow.

Ade and Melissa... Oh, these two are quickly becoming my favorite couple!!! They did a very HOT rumba. Melissa is a force to be reckoned with, and she may be a classically trained ballerina, but hot damn that girl can move with hip rollin' sensuality. She is strong but still moves with grace. Ade held his own, rockin' the rumba with solid partnership and connection with her. His booty didn't look too bad in those tight pants, either. The judges loved it.

Next up were Brandon and Jeanette, who also got to perform a Dave Scott piece. As they began, I crossed my fingers - I just wanted to see a decent hip hop routine. And when I say decent, I mean something that would make me jump up off the couch. Did they get it done? Oh HELL yes. Not only did I jump off the couch, but I also dropped the F-bomb, more than once. It had attitude, they hit it hard, it had energy, it had groove... I even danced along with them at one point, copying one of Brandon's moves. FINALLY a jammin' hip hop routine!

Another great piece followed with Kupono and Kayla's Viennese Waltz. First off, this was their first week dancing together, as they both lost their partners last week. They have a great connection. It just clicked for them. And the waltz was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. As in give-me-goosebumps beautiful. My own personal dance preferences are things that are fast and hard hitting, but the Viennese waltz is my softer side. It makes me melt if done right. And these two did it right. It was so right for the judges that Mary put them on her Hot Tamale Train [enter Mary's infamous scream].

The fun didn't end there. Next up was Randi and Evan dancing a Mia Michaels contemporary piece. Mia's style is definitely unique and all her own. I like it, myself. I would love to work with her. The focus of the routine was Randi's butt, which I thought was awesome! The piece was very jazzy, but in a vernacular, earthy, raw kind of way. MY kind of way. It was the blues, it was sex, it was some speakeasy in the 1930's. It was HOT and I LOVED it. End of discussion.

Then came a paso doble number with Jason and Caitlin. Their outfits were some kind of I Dream of Genie and Gladiator (or 300) hybrid. It had good potential, but it didn't quite live up to it. Their dancing didn't match the passion of the music - Carmina Burana (sorry, but you have to wait 'til 3:12 to hear the part that everyone knows) - but to their defense, that song would be a difficult one to live up to. Mary and Toni thought they did a great job and that it was a strong performance. I was left a little disappointed.

Last but not least were Jeanine and Philip. They got a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine and I got VERY excited when the music began because it was "Moses" from Singin' in the Rain, my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies. The piece was a lot of fun... Philip didn't do too bad, but he didn't as much personality as Jeanine, so she stole the show. Nigel told Philip that he needed more from him. I agreed.

That's my rundown from Wednesday night's show. Thursday night's elimination was predictable: Vitolio, Jason and Jonathan were the bottom three guys. The judges said good-bye to Jonathan, and gave Vitolio a warning he has one chance left with them to step it up. The bottom three ladies were Asuka, Karla and Caitlin. This week we said good-bye to Asuka. Next week Vitolio and Karla will form a new partnership, and hopefully they click as well as Kupono and Kayla did.

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  1. This is PERFECT! I didnt get to watch it this week! Love it!

    Happy Weekend lady! XO