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Thursday, June 11, 2009

SYTYCD Top 20 Wednesday Follow Up

** I'm going to try to post my own li'l review each week about the SYTYCD episodes. *Try* being the operative word here. And my attempts will be with the goal of posting on the same evening the show airs so it's so-fresh-and-so-clean in my mind... we shall see how this goes! **

Auditions have wrapped up, the Top 20 have been selected in Vegas, and now it's time for the dancers to get down with their bad selves in hopes of winning the hearts of viewers to become this season's "America's Favorite Dancer".

Overall, this season is going to rock. Granted I said that last year, but that's beside the point. This group is fantastic, from talent and skill to personality and charisma, which is going to make it hard to vote. Case in point: I voted for five couples last night. Five. I'm not even sure if that's kosher, but I couldn't help myself - I couldn't decide! Yowza, it's going to be an exciting summer for us SYTYCD-ophiles...


The dancers who are starting to make their way onto the "Jessi's Favorites" list:

Evan Kasprzak - this kid's style is classic Broadway. Think OLD-school, like Gene Kelly. Love this kid, he's adorable. Not only can he get it done onstage, he looks like he's having fun up there. I'm a big fan of dancers who look like they're loving what they're doing (believe me, I've seen dancers who look bored or miserable on stage... sad). AND, he showed us last night that he has talent and skill to do more than Broadway. I have a good feeling about him.

Ade Obayomi - I don't have much to articulate about him at this point, but I just have a feeling. I really enjoyed his dancing in the piece with Melissa. They were a great match and had good chemistry together. So important for partnered dance.

Vitolio Jeune - his number with partner Asuka was not one of the best last night, which was sad. I will admit that I think he's HOT, but that's not the only reason I'm rooting for him... c'mon, now... I sense that there's more inside him than what we got last night, more dance skill and fire, so I hope that America gives him enough votes so he doesn't go home tonight.

Melissa Sandvig
- LOVE this girl. She's 29 and rocks it, calling the other dancers "kids" and says it with a smile and that she can hang with 'em. Represent, girl! She acquired the nickname Naughty Ballerina during her audition and joked about that during her bio segment last night. She's fun, has a sass and a sense of humor and reminds me of me - my friends said the same thing [*grins*]. Oh, and since she's a classically trained ballerina since age 5 or so, she's quite good. (That's where we she doesn't remind me of me...)

[Check out the link to the Fox page with the Top 20's pics].

And what about each dance number? There were several that I enjoyed... the first hip hop piece with Phillip and Jeanine... Wade Robeson's quirky crash-test-dummy piece - LOVED and reminded me of the Katie Elliot haz-mat suit piece I danced in this spring... the Bollywood piece... the modern piece by Mandy Moore, danced by Ade and Melissa... the Foxtrot danced by Brandon and Janette... And of course there were a few pieces that fell flat for me... sadly, Vitolio and Asuka's Broadway piece, which needed more pizazz... OMG, the last hip hop piece was NOT good - just like the judges said, Tony and Paris did not hit it hard enough. AT ALL. Seriously.

And I can't write a review of the show without commenting on judge Mary Murphy... Mary, Mary, Mary... does anyone else who saw the show think maybe she had something more than just water in that cup of hers? She's always a bit crazy, and maybe she's just really high on life and the excitement of the show, but good LORD she was out of control last night. I would love to meet that woman.

And that's a wrap. Tonight will be the first elimination show. I hope to the dancing gods that the five couples I voted for are all safe for at least another week...

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